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Find Love in Harrogate

Harrogate is an amazing tourist town, with so many things to see and do with a prospective partner. At, you can search by postcode so you're totally in charge of how far from Harrogate you want to search - maybe as far as (gasp) York?!

But do you need to? has members close to you so you can find lots of fellow Harrogate singles looking for someone just like you. When you've found someone you like the look of, why not treat them to the traditional Harrogate experience and take them for afternoon tea at Betty's tea rooms? You'll need to book mind, they do get very busy! There are other restaurants to choose from in Harrogate - the most interestingly titled must be Yaks Mongolian Barbeque! -Â plus numerous other activities such as museums, theatres and galleries.

Finally, for an unusual date, why not visit Mother Shipton's Cave? A brilliant venue with a great back story - A Yorkshire witch who prophesied about future events in her poems - it also has a lovely picnic area which couldn't be a more romantic end to your day!

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Photo Tips

The first thing people see in your profile is your photograph. You want to make a good first impression right? Here are a few tips for you to pick that perfect picture.

  1. Use a recent photograph, why pretend you are 10 years younger, you want to meet eventually.
  2. Don't use one of yourself with friends, how does the person looking at the photo know which is you!
  3. Make sure you face is visible and not obscured (e.g. sunglasses or a floppy hat).
  4. Try to find one where you look relaxed and not posed.
  5. and finally - smile!

You can add more than one photo to your profile, so if you want to add that "crayzee" night out with friends shot you can, just don't put it as your main picture.

Profile Tips

Your online personal ad is what makes most people decide whether to contact you or not. If you get it right, your internet dating experience will most likely be a great and happy one. Get it wrong and it could be very frustrating. Here are some tips to ensure your profile stands out from the crowds.

Use a good photograph

Having a photograph on your profile will increase the number of messages you receive by up to 6 times!

Start with an attention grabbing headline

After the photograph, the second thing people look at is your profile description. You want to get peoples interest with this as this is your main way of showcasing yourself to prospective partners. Why not look through other people profiles to see what they have written to get inspiration, remember though this is your profile so ensure it is meaningful and unique to you.

Be positive

Negativity breeds negativity, so make sure you are upbeat in your profile. Avoids sayings like 'no losers please' as this can put across a cynical attitude which will put people off.

Be Honest

If you lie on your profile, your prospective partner will find out at some point! You want someone to like you for who you are, not for who you would like to be.

Revisit your profile

Leave your profile for a few days and then come back to it. New ideas may spring to mind in this time, or a re-read may highlight any spelling or grammatical errors.

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